We are pleased to announce that this year's content of Sport Fest will be even richer and more diverse! In addition to sports events, there will be 3 exhibitions. Filip Peraić, a well-known illustrator and designer who collaborates with many international companies and brands, has his own exhibition written about by the New York Times and CNN, among others. It is a James Harden Illustrated project with a series of portraits of one of the best players in the NBA league. He will be accompanied by Nick Titanic Studio, which specializes in making cartoons that are published daily in 24sata. The author and designer Nikola Plečko is also a big fan of sports, so his works are mostly sports-themed.
In the end, we are very pleased to present the Croatian Sports Museum, which will join us in Poreč with an exhibition of one of, if not the greatest man in Croatian sports, Franjo Bučar. The exhibition will contain numerous details and objects from his life and will be adapted for all ages. For all further information, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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