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 JUMP reward

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the second edition of the sports JUMP awards. JUMP awards were introduced in order to draw attention to and reward individuals and organizations from all social spheres that promote and improve sports through their work and projects. Award ceremony will take place at this year’s Sport Fest in Poreč on October 5, 2019.


1. Sports tourism

The best examples of connecting tourist offers and sports activities with the purpose of promoting the Republic of Croatia and a healthy life.

2. Sport infrastructure in cities

Municipalities, towns and counties that have positively impacted the quality of life of their citizens by investing in and developing sport infrastructure.

3. Innovations in sport

The efficient application of new technologies and creative solutions when working with athletes and clubs.

4. Corporate social responsibility

An award for an individual, organization or company whose work inspires all members of society to take part in sports as well as inclusion.

5. Sports marketing

Marketing campaigns in which companies and brands successfully work with the sports community to inspire other athletes, fans, and win over the public.

6. Sports events

Events with an emphasis on sports and an active lifestyle, which are examples of effective organization, excellent response and achieving the desired results.

7. Sport Online

Creative and efficient use of social networks by athletes or clubs for online communication. After selecting the finalists, the winner of this award will be chosen by the public through a voting process.

The selection process

The selection process takes place in two phases. In the first phase, the jury evaluates the written applications detailing the significance and key features of the projects that are in the running for the awards. They then select 3 finalists for each category. In the second phase, the members of the jury determine the final order in each of the categories through joint assessment. The main, but not the only, items based on which the projects are evaluated are the following: creativity, significance/ reach, and achieved results.


The projects are submitted in a text format and should be described based on the above mentioned main evaluation items. It is also possible to attach a video summary / attachments as well as the links to the online materials.

Closing date for submission: September 6, 2019

Announcement of the finalist: September 27, 2019

Award ceremony: May 5, 2019


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