Poreč, hall Žatika

Poreč is a town and municipality on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, in Istria County, Croatia. Its major landmark is the 6th-century Euphrasian Basilica, which in 1997 was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The town of Poreč/Parenzo is almost 2,000 years old, and is set around a harbour protected from the sea by the small island of Sveti Nikola/San Nicola (Saint Nicholas). The town’s population of approximately 12,000 resides mostly on the outskirts, while the wider Poreč/Parenzo area has a population of approximately 17,000 inhabitants. The municipal area covers 142 square kilometres (55 sq mi), with the 37 kilometres (23 miles) long shoreline stretching from the Mirna River near Novigrad/Cittanova to Funtana and Vrsar/Orsera in the south. Ever since the 1970s, the coast of Poreč/Parenzo and neighboring Rovinj has been the most visited tourist destination in Croatia.


Porec and its surrounding settlements are very well connected with all traffic routes. If you are arriving by plane, then the nearest airport in Pula is only 50 km away. All the information on arrivals, departures, prices and all other information you can see on the following link. Except for that airport you can land on the airport in Rijeka that is actually located on the island of Krk. Somewhat more distant but also convenient is the airport in Zagreb. Later on you can take a coach that will drive you directly to the city. Except for the mentioned airports it is possible to arrive through Slovenia and Italy whose airports are also in the vicinity. Through Slovenia you can reach the town over the Ljubljana airport. Taking into account the proximity of Italy, specifically Trieste, getting to Porec and it neighbouring settlements is possible over the airport in Trieste.

If arriving by car there are a few possible road routes you can take. From the north: Ljubljana- Crni kal – border crossing Pozane – Buzet – Vizinada – Porec or Ljubljana – Kopar – border crossing Plovanija or Kastel – Buje – Novigrad – Porec or Trst – Kopar – Kastel/Plovanija – Buje – Novigrad – Porec. From the east follow: Zagreb – Rijeka – Tunnel Ucka – Pazin – Baderna – Porec. From the south: Pula – Vodnjan – Bale – Sv.Lovrec – Porec. For your convenience we give you the distances from some of the international cities: Amsterdam (1400km), Bratislava (650km), Budapest (600km), Trieste (60km), Munchen (600km) and others. All the useful information on the traffic situation you can find on the official pages of the Croatian autoclub. Also, for better information on Istria, respectively on the road situation in that area you can click on the next link.

If you choose to reach the town by coach you can also arrive from different directions. Zagreb is only 260km away and for information on exact departures and prices you can click on the pages of the Coach station in Zagreb. The somewhat nearer coach station is the one in Pula (60km) or in Porec that works every day from 5:30 am until 10pm. If you are arriving from the south of Croatia, from Split or Dubrovnik your journey will take a bit longer. From Split it will take you a bit more over 500km, while if travelling from Dubrovnik you will cross a bit more over 700km.

If arriving to Porec by train you also have a few options. If arriving by regular lines only a few dozen kilometres away from Porec it is possible to depart from Ljubljana over Divace in Buzet or Pula. Also, from Zagreb through Rijeka you can reach Pazin that is only 30km away from Porec. For all the information on the inland timetables from direction Zagreb, Split and other cities click on the pages of Croatian railways. While mentioning inland train stations we must note the one in Italy through which it is fairly easy to reach Porec. There are two train lines and they are Trentitalia and Ferrovie.

If you are arriving to Porec by boat you can arrive through the Koper, Pula or Rijeka ports. There are a few companies from Venice that organise travels to Porec in duration of approximately 3,30 hours.

If you are arriving with your own boat there are a few marinas where you can dock and those are marina Porec, marina Funtana or marina Vrsar.
A few other links that can be helpful and give useful information are the harbour administration Porec or Jadrolinija.